The year is 1876, but the history is not our own…

At the Battle of Gettysburg, the strange event known as “The Reckoning” changed the face of history forever, for on that fateful day, the dead began to walk. With this new menace, neither the Union or Confederacy could establish a clear advantage, with both sides combating the dead as well as each other, with humanity itself being the clear losers.

Now, the land is divided between to the two great nations and war consumes the land. Steam-powered contraptions and weapons soar across the skies and fight in the streets, powered by the super-mineral known only as “ghost rock”. Mad scientists churn out inventions that would not see our world for several more decades.

In the card dens of the American West, a new breed of magic called “hucksterism” has turned common cardsharps into arcane wielding sorcerers of intense and terrible power.

The Sioux Indians have reclaimed their home in the Dakotas and now command the very power of nature itself against those who would dare to push them from these sacred lands.

California has fallen into the sea following a massive earthquake, leaving behind the twisted land known as The Great Maze, which is rich with the mineral ghost rock. And a renewed frenzy of fortune seeking miners have staked every inch of this new land in search of the black rock.

The followers of religion across the West have rediscovered modern-day miracles and can heal the sick, and smite the unrighteous in the name of their God.

And there are things that go bump in the night…

Join us. Join us in the alternate world of Deadlands, if you dare!

Blood on the Prairie

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